Often photographers want to shoot only a posing photo, another day than on the D-day of the wedding, in the beautiful place and with photogenic newlyweds. But then I hurry to disappoint them – they can’t be called ‘wedding photographer’. Work of the wedding photographer means work in different conditions and in different genres – it is also work with big groups, details shooting during the “getting ready” and the banquet, and, boring but obligatory, shooting of the guests saying speeches. There is no such concept as – “I don’t want to shoot it, it is uninteresting (platitude, bad light, boring, not artistic etc)”.

All stages of a wedding have to be photographed, all newlyweds have paid money for capturing all by the pictures. There are decors and cake, and the interior of the banquet room, and an animation team, and wedding accessories. The wedding photographer has to hold eyes and ears opened all the time, and to manage to shoot not only emotion and guests, but also surroundings of the wedding. If the wedding photographer shoots only what he (or she)wants, then he automatically ceases to be called a “wedding photographer”.

Why does the work of the wedding photographer costs such money? Because first, for the good work at a wedding it is necessary to have a lot of photographic equipment and, it is preferable, an assistant. The photographer has to be able to work also in every situations with, every minute, changing light during getting ready (bright light and mirrors in a bathroom, a dark hall, a sunlight from a window, light of lassies near a table etc), dark church and light show situation during the banquet etc. Also a wedding photographer, besides the pose photo, has to know how to shoot candid photos, manage big group photos, photos with children, landscape photo etc. And also it is necessary to understand what will make an impression and will show the mood of the wedding – the list of shots is for this purpose provided below. It isn’t necessary to compose one’s lips and to say that it kills creativity. For creativity it is full of scope during the couple photo session. The rest is the work which has to be executed. Also believe me, even in these obligatory pictures there is place for improvisation if it is approached creatively.

“Must have” for wedding photographing:


1. Shots with preparations – the bride and the groom
2. A wedding gown – on a hanger, on a chandelier etc. Rings close up, a bouquet, footwear close up, vows on the sheet of paper
3. The bride looks out of a window – looks in a window
4. The bride check her make-up or the hairstyle by herself or with the help of a makeup artist
5. The bride looks out from window / a doorway
6. The maid of honor and the bride’s mother – button a dress – the general view and close up view – only hands of mother and a lacing (zip) on a dress
7. Put on a garter to the bride, put on shoes to the bride, or a bracelet, a necklace, a veil. The bride puts on ear rings (close up photo)
8. The bride looks out of the window – full size from the back and then the photographer shoots close up photos– the bride’s portrait when she is completely ready, dressed
9. A group photo of each of the bridesmaids, mother and the grandmother separately and then all together.
9. The groom with the father and the best man – attach a boutonniere
10. The groom looks at the watch
11. The groom with friends and their fathers – group photo with all male team

12. The bestman or the father of the groom helps the groom to put on a jacket (option – to tie a tie)
13. A group photo with everyone: groomsmen, relatives, separately and then together
14. The groom is near a window, looks out of the window, looks in the camera, a short portrait photoshoot



15. Shooting of elements of the decor of the wedding zone (if the wedding is not in the REGISTRY OFFICE)
16. The bride and the groom – leave the car
17. The groom waits at an altar
18. A wide shot in church or the REGISTRY OFFICE (with guests and without)
19. The bride goes on pass (a look to a profile and in front)
20. The father leads the bride
21. Bride and groom together, focus on groom’s face, focus on bride’s face
22. The groom and the bride hold their hands
23. The bride and the groom kiss
24. Newlyweds leave church or the REGISTRY OFFICE
24. Everybody leave the place of the ceremony, all bridesmaids and the groomsmen, and also parents
25. The bride and the groom sit down in a limousine – a shot in a limousine




26. A group photo with all guests. A photo with the groom’s family. A photo with the bride’s family.
27. Shooting of catering – food, drinks, laying, a decor, the hall without guests (if there is such opportunity)



28. Pictures with each table full of guests
29. A picture of newlyweds with the family and without
30. Portraits of the bride and groom
31. Newly married with the best man and the bridesmaid
32. Hands of newlyweds with rings close up
33. First dance
34. Dance of the bride with her father
35. The groom dances with his mother
36. Toss a bouquet (from the bride’s side and from girls’s side)
37. Toss a garter (from the groom’s side and from men’s side)
38. Cake’s close up photo. Topping of cake. Cutting of cake – the bride and the groom feed each other, then kiss

39. The dancing guests
40. The groom and the Bride open buffet (when laying like “open buffet”)
41. Speeches of guests
42. Speech/toast of the bride and groom
43. Guests stand near bar and take drinks – shooting of the bartender
44. The guest book with signatures
45. Newlyweds dance with little children
46. Dances of parents of the bride and groom (plus grandmothers and grandfathers)
47. Photos with desserts (coffee, ice cream, cake, etc.)
48. The bride and the groom carry wedding cake, souvenirs
49. The invited actors
50. The bride and the groom in the car with the inscription Just Married.
Before choosing a wedding photographer for your special day, the groom and the bride have to ask to show a sample of full wedding: getting ready, wedding ceremony, group photos, bridesmaids and groomsmen photos, photo session of couple, reception. It is impossible to be guided for the choice of the wedding photographer according to 2 – 3 photos from photo walk or several portraits of the bride. I personally wish you amazing wedding day!


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