Are you preparing for a studio photo shoot and don’t know what clothes to choose for a girl? In this article I will give you some tips. The best clothes for a photo shoot are monochrome dresses of the “timeless” style.

AVOID: dresses with pictures, logos, ornaments, sequins.


The ideal choice will be corduroy, velvet, linen plain dresses of neutral colors. In my photo studio you can find vintage collars, berets, glasses that will complement the image. You can always buy second hand clothes with reasonable price  for a photo shoot through the vinted app.

Please keep in mind that you need to buy a dress no later than two weeks before the expected date of the photo shoot so that your parcel arrives on time.

When looking for dresses, pay attention to these brands


Tape a l’oeil

Il Gufo


Tutto Piccolo


Boy’s outfit for photoshoot

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