About Me

Hello, my name is Lala Belyaevskaya. (I know I have a quite difficult slavic surname. Call me just “Lala”, like O-la-la!) I am professional wedding and portrait photographer. Now, I live in Belgium and my huge experience is now available for you in Brussels and Belgium !

You need my service because:

  • You felt in love with my portfolio
  • Because you need an advice of professional photographer how to orchestrate your special day
  • You want to be sure that a wedding photographer can capture all important moments
  • You are looking for support someone who is competent and has huge experience in the wedding industry during your wedding day
  • You love emotional candid photos
  • You want to keep your wedding memories in a photo album

My education and experience as a professional wedding photographer

I have been working as a professional photographer for more than eight years. I have worked in different countries around the world and on different continents. During this time, I was entrusted to shoot the weddings of 300 newly-wed couples.

I have obtained a degree in Vocational art education, a diploma at The University of Culture, specializing in “Cinema and Television”. I have experience as an art director and director of a fashion show and photo shoots in the fashion industry. All of this and many other things allow me and my clients to realize my motto of “I DO MEMORIES! “

The most important thing in my work has always been to catch the living emotions of your special day. My secret is that I try to work imperceptibly. This allows me to capture sincere moments as they happen.

My customers said

My clients in their reviews note that I know how to help cope with stress during a wedding photo shoot, explaining the task to the models clearly and accurately; I know how to inspire, and I show empathy and friendliness. My many years’ experience with a Spanish professional wedding photo agency taught me to work quickly and very productively within the tight schedule and precise timing of a wedding day.

My team speaks English, French, Dutch, Russian and Spanish.