In Punta cana the wedding industry is very developed and you will be able to gather information without effort developing a team for the organization of your wedding day. When the time comes to choose your wedding photographer, you will need to pay attention to the next items:

1. Experience in real weddings.
In Dominican Republic there are many wedding photographers who work only (mainly) with symbolical wedding ceremonies without guests. Conditionally speaking, it is a photoshoot with a wedding arch in background, and wedding clothes only for newlyweds and 1 – 2 guests. These photographers also call themselves “Punta Cana wedding photographers”.

But such a photographer will hardly be able to work at the intense rate of a real wedding day with « getting ready » photos, management of large groups of guests, interesting poses for groomsmen and bridesmaids and shooting during cocktail and reception times. You have to watch photos from the whole wedding day from the room untill the end of the reception to make the right choice. Never choose your photographer based on 1 – 2 beach photos.

2. Interview
Surely invite the photographer from Punta Cana to an interview during your preliminary visit in Dominican Republic. If there is no such opportunity, try to have a talk with him (with her) by skype. You will spend the whole day with this person and you have to feel comfortable working close to him (her).

3. Style of shooting and post-processing of photos
You have to accept the style of shooting and post-editing of photos which is provided by the photographer. There is no sense to choose the photographer who, for example, processes photos in a soft – pastel scale and then to demand from him (her), over – bright and acid coloured pictures. Please, find a photographer that works in a style that fits you.

4. Retouch depth
You have to discuss the depth of retouching your pictures up front ! Do not hesitate to say to the photographer directly about what you want to be corrected (ie. A birthmark, curved tooth, extra weight, etc). It is necessary to consider that the correction of make-up, hair styles, sunburns and rashes, that the photographer could ask for additional payment.

5. Trust
You have to trust your photographer. If there is no trust, then the results will be unsatisfactory. There is nothing worse for a photographer when the client refuses to listen or consider advice, does everything on the contrary, destroys compositions, is talking when it is necessary to keep quiet, and interrupts work earlier than when enough pictures are made. The client can send the photographer several pictures from the Internet as samples of what they want to receive as a result in the end. However, on the wedding day for best results, the client has to relax and cooperate with the photographer 100%.

You can bring your own photographers from your country, however I want to warn you that not all photographers can handle working in the conditions and climate of Punta Cana. Working and living here definitely has some benefits. First, is the heat. Therefore, it is necessary to work very quickly so that the client doesn’t get tired and that the photographer can take a variety of pictures. Also for the photographer who isn’t used to work in the heat and humidity, it will become a huge physical stress.

Secondly, is the fast sunset. Very beautiful photos turn out during sunset time. But the sun goes down very quickly and leaves little time to capture the beauty. The photographer has to have the schedule of the movement of the sun, within a minute, to manage to capture the most beautiful light. Thirdly, the knowledge of locations. It is rather difficult to find a location which isn’t on the property of a hotel or a private owner, where it is forbidden to photograph in Dominican Republic.

I wish you an unforgettable and beautiful wedding day in Punta Cana with photos that many generations of your family will admire.


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