Why do you need professional photo camera?

You have a child and you want to photograph every week his growing, or perhaps, you like to travel and you want to show to your friends beauty of the seen landscapes and the cities, but not muddy pictures with dirty color, and probably you have thought about changes of your profession and you want to become a professional photographer. You can have a set of the reasons – why you have wanted to become the beginning photographer. And here you should ask yourself a first question – what camera have I to buy? You can buy second-hand full frame camera, you can buy the mirror crop photocamera , you can take the same camera which your friend has or to count upon opinion of the seller in a shop or you will read reviews of cameras and to wait when appear a new model which will suit you completely. I will help the beginning photographer to narrow search options to several cameras.


What has to have your camera

The first what you have to pay attention is presence of manual settings at the camera. Also the camera has to have an opportunity to photograph with effect of blur of a background or bokeh. The main object in a picture have to be separated from a background and the picture will looks more interesting. You need the camera which has the big size of a matrix. Mirror cameras have big matrixes. Therefore traditionally users demat that only the SLR camera gives the qualitative image. But the mirror in the camera is necessary only for operation of the optical view-finder.
Therefore my list of cameras for the beginning photographer is added with compact cameras with interchangeable lens.

Belgium photographer
Belgium photographer

The lens gives 50% of quality in the photo. You can install on the camera any lens depending on the needs. Different lenses will be necessary for you for portraits, for landscapes, for shooting of objects from a long distance (for example, wild animals and birds). For the first lens I can recommend Canon 50 mm 1.8 is the fixed lens, with has reasonable price and very beautiful drawing, it has the small size and is convenient for travel.
Now I suggest to return to the choice of the camera.


All photo cameras known like professional, semi-professional and amateur. If you have the big budget on purchase of the camera, I advise you not to hurry to buy the professional camera. Management of professional camera and the amateur camera can be compared to management of the Boeing plane and the city car. It is so difficult in development. The main lack of expensive professional cameras is that they can be operated only is the photographer has skills. I know many amateurs who complain of quality of pictures which are done by their expensive professional cameras. When I ask them how they work with the camera, it becomes clear that the toggle-switch always is in position “automatic shooting” because the beginner just doesn’t know what to do with such difficult unit.
The control of the professional camera is intended for the skilled photographer. The professional camera has a set of deep settings, levers, buttons, selectors. And the photographer has to know in what situation to what menu item or what button to address to receive the best image.
Mirror cameras for amateurs are an analog usual the city cars. They have no difficulties in management and give high quality of pictures. The amateur and semi-professional camera can have an identical matrix.
I have chosen several cameras for the beginner photographers by resonable price.