I often come across the same question in wedding groups: how to choose modern wedding rings that won’t require selling a kidney? Are there reasonably priced wedding rings on the market that you won’t be embarrassed to wear? As a professional wedding photographer who has captured over 350 weddings from different cultures around the world, I’m delighted to share this valuable information with you. I can help you select affordable and incredibly stylish wedding rings. The days of the bride and groom buying identical rings are long gone. It is now perfectly acceptable to purchase a set of completely different rings.

Titan wedding rings


titan and tungsten wedding rings

 If you’re still in the search for your wedding rings, consider titanium and tungsten rings. Personally, I adore rings with black coating, and that’s exactly the type of ring I bought for my groom. However, you can easily find wedding rings made of titanium or tungsten in silver, rose gold, yellow gold, and any other colour you prefer.

Titan wedding rings

Why will you love a titanium ring?

– It looks unusual and modern. It pairs perfectly with both formal suits and casual attire.
– You’ll appreciate the price. The cost of rings on websites like ranges from 30 EUR to 300 EUR.
– Titanium is an incredibly lightweight metal. So, don’t hesitate to buy a substantial ring. Such a ring will weigh three times less than a comparable ring made of precious metals like gold or platinum.
– Despite its affordable price, titanium rings are highly durable. They are resistant to scratches and the effects of cleaning agents.
– Titanium is biocompatible and doesn’t react to sunlight, sweat, or salt. Therefore, these rings won’t leave marks on your skin, making them suitable for people with allergies.
– Such rings do not rust or tarnish.

Currently, the most popular models of rings are those with gold or platinum coating. They look extremely luxurious and are equally beautiful as high-end accessories.

titan wedding ring with diamond

wedding rings titan with diamonds



Those who choose these rings are confident adventurers with a penchant for risk and excitement. They are often active, determined, and innovative individuals. In classical astrology, this metal is most compatible with Aquarius and Sagittarius. However, if you find yourself exhibiting traits associated with these signs—such as a passion for experimentation, a thirst for knowledge, a love for travel and meeting new people and cultures—you can confidently choose these adornments for yourself.

wedding rings with vows


Typically, the wedding photographer captures ring photos during the preparations of both the groom and the bride. In addition to the rings, other beautiful wedding details enhance the composition, such as the bride’s bouquet, shoes, perfume, cufflinks, wedding vows, and more. Since the photographer will be taking close-up shots of the couple’s hands during the wedding photo shoot, both partners should have their nails manicured.

Wedding rings

To capture the ring exchange ceremony, the newly-weds should wear the ring on their partner’s finger while holding it at the bottom. This should be done slowly to allow the camera to focus properly. If the groom or bride encircles the wedding ring with their fingers, it will prevent a successful snapshot of this significant moment in the wedding ceremony. An example of what not to do can be seen in the photo below.

Bad wedding ring position

It will be better if the fingers are in this position during the ring exchange ceremony:

How to choose wedding ring


Carefully examine your hands and fingers. If your fingers are very thin and delicate, choose a slim ring. If you have an average or sturdy bone structure or chubby fingers, opt for larger rings. A thin, barely noticeable ring worn on a chubby finger can visually make your hand look heavier and swollen. On the contrary, a larger, more substantial ring will add elegance to a big or fuller hand.


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