Tips from professional wedding Belgium photographer

Traditionally bridesmaids and groomsmen are young men and women of marital age, usually close friends or brothers and sisters of the bride and groom. They are dressed in the same outfits, same colors of the wedding theme. Often the bridesmaids’ bouquets of flowers are more modest than the bride’s one.

Let me just warn you – some of the advice in this article may sound cynical. Right now I will talk not as a family member but as the photographer. Of course, you can decide whether to take my advice of not.

I understand that both couples are different from each other. For some, getting perfect photos is really important and they prepare themselves in advance before the photo shoot. My article should be the first place is for them to start.

Bridesmaids I also understand and accept the fact that some couples prefer videos instead of photos. A good atmosphere and being around family and close friends are more important. Photos are of secondary importance to them. Some may not be willing to change anything during the event in order to get beautiful pictures.



The best option will be for the groomsmen and bridesmaids to be in the same color of the wedding.

The identical clothes become an intensive color cloud, which will accentuate the idea of the main wedding décor in order to create a spectacular and solemn atmosphere.

  • Bridesmaids with similar outfits, is a perfect and ideal background for the bride
  • Different dressed guests in a group picture can look indistinctly and inexpressive The most popular options are:

1) Same cloth material, same color and same model of dress for the bridesmaids. This option looks great in photo shoots.

2). Dresses – transformers – The same material and the same color of each dress draped and tied are several options. So, we obtain a different style of dresses. These dresses are easy to buy in the stores or order online.

3) Same color, different styles of dresses. Quite expensive and time-consuming option. Preferably, same style for all dresses.

4) «Ombre» – different style dresses one color. Color flows smoothly from one to another: for example, from pink to purple or from beige to pistachio to dark green. This option requires a good taste and time. Do not try to pick up this kind of collection on your own without consulting a professional stylist and decorator.

Outfits must match the color palette of the wedding. The color and style of the bridesmaids’ dresses and the bride herself must be different for a contrast. The bride’s dress and accessories (belt, bouquet, and dress) must be impressive and match with the color of the bridesmaids’ dresses.It’s not necessary to buy expensive clothes. In the frame, even ordinary dress will look interesting if they are matched to the bridesmaids’ and groomsmen figure.

What will look bad on the pictures:

  1. Clothes are not chosen based on the features of the figure. Same pants bought for men with different stature and long legs will look bad. A man which pants are hanging down or shorter will not be the best for your pictures. For a wedding on the beach by the ocean, linen and simple pants will be the best choice.
  2. Hairy men legs in bermuda pants or capri. If you are not Scottish keep closed pants.
  3. Different size of the bridesmaids dresses. But sometimes it might give an interesting effect, but most of the time it’s not looking so good and not the best choice for pictures. I remember on one of the weddings one of the bridesmaids was 150 cm and was wearing a mini dress and the other one was almost 2 meters and was in a maxi skirt. It turned out so comic.
  4. The absence of bouquets for the bridesmaids – Even a small bouquet of 3 flowers in the hands transforms the image of the wedding and gives you more opportunities to obtain creative and nice pictures.Clothes which are not matched according to the age – If the bridesmaids are middle aged, do not dress them like young nymphets. Do not choose sleeveless dresses for middle age women, which look bad on the pictures. Generally middle aged bridesmaids tend to look a little defiantly.



The most difficult and slippery moment. Now I will sound cynic. Sensitive people, as well pregnant women can skip this paragraph. How many guests can be bridesmaids or groomsmen have? From a photographer’s point of view it must be the same number of men and women and about the same age and height. An optimal amount for good pictures must be 6-8 people plus the couple.

A large amount of guests are usually very difficult to manage like for example a group photo shoot. Usually the guests start chatting with each other and being distracted which have a big influence and loss of time in order to get successful angles for pictures. Also a different number of men and women limit the photographer in creating interesting setting frame.




  • Different heights of people in the group strongly limit the numbers of composition and may cause an unwanted comic effect.
  • Very often a problem comes when the photographer, with the consent of the couple, already finished with the overall pictures and small groups (bride’s relative separately, groom’s relative separately, parents, grandparents …)So when the time comes to work on bridesmaids and groomsmen and someone from the family interfere in the group, that cause a bad composition and the work on the shooting become useless. In that situation, the mission of the couple will be to explain tactfully to the guests that they need to retire in order to work just with the bridesmaids and groomsmen.You can ask to take a common picture with the guests, groomsmen and bridesmaids but then very politely and firmly ask them to return to the rest of the guests at the cocktail table.

    Grand Bigaard wedding by Lala Belyaevskaya


  • Do not invite as bridesmaids and groomsmen people who love to skip the extra sip and those who do not like to be photographed, impatient, undisciplined or aggressive. Very often those kind of people under the camera start to pull* the blanket over themselves*, grimacing, chatting, running always to somewhere.If you are limited by time in shooting for example (the beginning of the banquet, the fast sunset…) it can become a serious problem. If that happen on a shooting, it’s better if the remark and the call for discipline comes from the couple and not from the photographer.