Photography project «Goddesses»
Photography project «Goddesses»

My photography project “Goddesses” turns three. What exactly is this project?

Well, I take pictures of woman shown as goddesses. First one was Ishtar. She is the Sumerian goddess of fertility, love, war, and sexuality. I also shot in different cities and countries. This reincarnation into a goddess helps women reveal hidden sides of her soul and leave worries behind.

Generally, certain archetypes of goddesses are present in every woman.She always plays a certain role in every stage of her life and under given circumstances. As daughters, women are dependent on her parents or husband. She feels enchained, submissive, infantile, hence Proserpina.

Photography project «Goddesses»
Photography project «Goddesses», Proserpine

Women warriors are bisexual, active, cruel, fair, hence Artemis. Women lovers are tender, playful, joyful, sexual, unchained, brave, hence Aphrodite. There are many other roles for woman, for example, mother, wife, witch, demolisher, etc.

There could be so many roles, but at the same time so few. Sometimes I notice a certain trait on my own. I then try to bring it to life. In fact, that’s what happened with characters of Proserpina and Bastet.

Sometimes I get requests from female models to help them bring a certain character to life. For a lot of them, it could be a psychotherapy session, where they discover a lot of new things about themselves. Archetypes influence woman’s life in a great deal.

When a woman feels a connection to her inner goddess, it is the beginning of a journey to learn more about herself. This can be a life long adventure.

A connection with your subconscious and your goddess helps you learn how to listen to your inner self and how to be the master of your destiny. Familiarity with woman’s inner potential opens up new doors for further study of herself.

Photography project «Goddesses»
Photography project «Goddesses», Ishtar

The principal difference between psychotherapy and psychoanalysis is that the former leaves a snapshot in your mind of what happened. It creates a perception of reality and strengthens it in both time and space. However, not every woman is capable of being honest with herself.

Very often stereotypes or fear of innate can get in the way. I must admit that for a lot of people photo therapy sessions are not just fun pastime, but also a way to better understand your inner self. The outcomes of these sessions can be pleasantly surprising.

As a result of these photo sessions, a woman can free her inner “savage woman” and play through scenarios that she instinctively follows in her everyday life.