About me

Hello, my name is Lala Belyaevskaya.

I am professional portrait and corporate photographer. Now, I live in Belgium and my huge experience is
now available for you in Brussels and Belgium !
I work in my own photo studio, which is in Pont-a-celles, Belgium. My work focuses mainly on:

  • Family and business photography
  • Image and art photo portraits

You need my professional business photography service because:

  • You got tired of typical plain and unmemorable business photos
  • You want to attract potential customers, partners and employers

I offer you unique, highly artistic corporate portraits that will make your image memorable and will
speak about you in your stead. You can use these corporate portraits for business printing, for your
website, or for social networks like LinkedIn or Facebook. Thanks to these high-quality photos, you
will undoubtedly attract your potential employers’, partners’, and clients’ attention.
You need my professional image and art photography service because:

  • You want to express yourself
  • You want to have something special like a souvenir
  • You are not ordinary person

I also create distinctive and creative image portraits, each of which will be a memorable souvenir.
I speak English, French, Russian and Spanish.
For more details with reviews of my professional photo service, please visit: