SAGA MERCEDES BE Excursion for schoolchildren 2023

Girls love dolls, and boys love toy cars. A completely false statement! Just take a look at the excited faces of kids from both genders during their trip to the Saga Mercedes Be dealership in Nivelles. The team at this company organized an epic excursion that lasted for hours, with a lunch break, exploring every corner of the showroom. They showed the children everything, from the latest car models on display to the loading docks and repair workshops. They even got to see some cool vintage cars that were beautifully preserved.

Who knows, maybe some of these kids will grow up to pursue a career in the automotive world. I’m sure this experience with one of the most famous car brands in history has got them thinking about what they want to do when they grow up. The Saga Mercedes team explained everything in a way that was easy to understand and super fun. They let the schoolkids touch all those interesting buttons and levers.

I can tell you that the expressions on their faces, which I managed to capture in photos, say more than any words. You can see amazement, excitement, and pure joy. So go ahead and enjoy looking at these pictures!

Saga Mercedes open day

Saga Mercedes for kids

Saga Mercedes

Surprised girl and Mercedes

Saga Mercedes team

Kids and Mercedes

Children and Mercedes