Wedding in Dominicana for Sarah and Rob

Getting ready

Sarah and Rob have been very responsible to prepare for their wedding for such a long time. They have chosen the wedding decoration and bridal party dresses with mint and coral combination. A wooden round wedding gazebo on the ocean beach was rent for the ceremony.

As for the wedding dinner, it was decided to stay inside to avoid any bad weather. But you can never foresee everything. Just a few minutes before ceremony Sarah lost her wedding jewelry. She was not sure if it was left at home or stolen.

Extremely bad! Any other bride could be fallen into despair. But Sarah is an Iron Lady. Within two minutes she could keep balance,relax and smile for photoshooting of getting ready.

There were about 40 guests and all of them were easy to work with. Especially bridesmaids and groomsmen who supported all my ideas for group photosets. It was like Sarah’s award for her self control to have such pictures, some clouds in the sky that have become a part of this wedding photoset.