You need such high class art photo portraits because:

Are you a top manager and you want your business photo to reflect your status, look luxurious, and distinguish you from the others?

Are you an HR or Advertising director and you are faced with the task of making photos of your employees in a corporate style, recognizable and adding status and solidity to your company’s brand?

Are you a freelancer, an individual entrepreneur who wants your business photo to reveal your strengths and emphasize the attractiveness for potential clients and partners?

I offer you unique, highly artistic business portraits that will make your image memorable and will speak about you instead of you. You can use these business portraits for corporate printing, your website, LinkedIn, Facebook etc. Thanks to high-quality photos, you will undoubtedly attract attention of potential employers, partners and clients.

Why you will want to have such a business portrait photo:

  • Even those who have always felt constrained and uncomfortable in front of the camera and have not liked to look at their photos will receive photos with a natural pose and a lively confident look, thanks to using my uniquely designed methods of working with a model.
  • Extra deep retouching will highlight your merits and add an artistic sound to your photo.
  • In my work, I emphasize the individuality and uniqueness of each person. When looking at your photo, your potential customers, subordinates and partners will not only be able to remember your face, but also get an idea of ​​you as an individual.
  • The photos you receive will symbolize your good taste, success and solidity.

The corporate photo shoot in Belgium venue:

  1. You can come to my photo studio in Charleroi (Belgium).
  2. I can come to you and take photos at your workplace.


From 50 euros

When ordering 10+ portraits 10% discount

When ordering 20+ portraits 20% discount