There is advice from professional wedding photographer

1. The Summer belgium bride who has a wedding on the beach has to have a hairdress. Loose hair will turn into tow instantly under the influence of wind and humidity. Your hair will cover your face, get into your eyes and your mouth’s groom.

2. Remember the rule for good large portraits: from a advanced age, the photoshoot has to be as closer as possible of a sunset. The direct sun will emphasize imperfections of your skin. Only the soft diffused light will help the photographer to make the best pictures.

3. The sunlight and a photo light absorb from 50 to 70% of your make-up. Remember that the make-up for photographing has to be much more dense and brighter, than you have got used in your regular life.

4. The bride has to use dense make-up base and good powder with a matting effect. The face becomes brilliant because of the sun and heat. It is bad for photos.

5. Don’t use for your make-up spangles and brilliants at all, shadows and lipsticks must be also free of brilliant particles.

6. Don’t allow emergence of solar burns! Sunburns are much more visible on the photo, than in usual life. Often, photographers demand additional payment for a retouch of solar burns. The bride has to avoid the sun. The bride can sunbathe only early in the morning and before a sunset. It is necessary to use cream with a protection factor not less than 30. The bride can enjoy staying under the sun during the next days after the wedding.

7. When the summer bride chooses footwear for a wedding, she has to wonder – where will happen the wedding ceremony and where will happen the reception? It is quite possible to save on a purchase of shoes. The bride can buy barefoot sandals.

8. The summer bride can save on scenery of banquet tables. She can place bridesmaids bouquets in a vase at the center of each table. It is very practical. You will have the tables decorated by fresh flowers free of charge.

9. If the summer newlyweds have sensitives eyes to the sun, they have to choose an evening for the wedding ceremony and a photoshoot.

10. The summer bride and her groom can put an antitranspirant on the face. It can reduce sweating and the face won’t shine.