Wedding ceremony

In the Dominican Republic, as well as in any other vacation spots, it is possible to arrange a wedding reception and ceremony in a hotel. Usually, you’ll get to choose the place. The place is usually a beach or a garden.

Overwhelming majority of couples go with the beach. Let’s take a look at advantages and disadvantages of each. It may sound surprising, but a wedding ceremony in a garden has no disadvantages.

On the other side, wedding ceremony on a beach is a bit more complicated.

BACKGROUND. Vivid tropical plants make bride’s white wedding dress stand out.

FOOTWEAR. Bride can walk to an altar wearing shoes on hills. This won’t work on the beach. You are better off wearing flip flops or barefoot.

PRIVACY. Always double check if you are going to have a private spot on the beach. You might end up with recliners and topless woman in the background. A professional photographer will, of course, take care of the background for your pictures.

However, all wedding pictures made by guests will shine with swimmers and tourists. This will destroy the mood of a wedding on pictures. You are guaranteed not to have random people in a garden.

Wedding ceremony
Wedding ceremony

WEATHER. Pictures in a garden will turn out very vivid even when cloudy. Cloudy weather on the beach may result in ocean, sand, and skin looking grayish. WIND. Often, there are gusty winds on the beach.

It can ruin bride’s hairstyle and blows sand into everybody’s eyes. Most likely, the best choice for a wedding ceremony is a garden. And opt for the beach for photo shoot. Doing so, you will avoid inconveniences of photo shoots on the beach, and, at the same time get beautiful pictures with ocean and white sand in the background.