Wedding photography in Jellyfish
Wedding photography in Jellyfish

Photosession from professional belgium photographer

It was a fine sunny spring day. Contrary to the weather forecasts promising a pouring rain, the sky was clear, colors of the day were bright, and the bride was stunning. The tropical nature tried its best to make a picturesque background for the wedding event.

Many guests were invited for this ceremony. They were relatives, friends, children. The bride worried very much , as well as it is necessary to each bride. Bridesmaids were chirping as a birdie, the daughter of the bride was a real little princess.

Wedding photography in Jellyfish
Wedding photography in Jellyfish

Primary color of a wedding was gold – beige. It was repeated both in bridesmaids dresses, in tables decoration and wedding cake and other accessories. Gold is the symbol of riches, wealth and prosperity. It is also associated with the sun. So, for this amazing wedding ceremony this colour combination was chosen very effective.

The wedding of this amazing Canadian couple took place in Punta cana, Jellyfish restaurant. What is Jellyfish? Jellyfish restaurant is a popular venue of weddings outside resorts. This is a big restaurant right on the seaside.

It’s famous for good service, romantic location and delicious food. Wedding photography in Jellyfish is chosen by great number of couples from all over the world.

The photoshoot of bride’s getting ready took place in the restaurant room. Shootings of groom’s getting ready were symbolical and took place in the restaurant hall. After a magnificent ceremony there was a groups photoshoot, then the couple photoshoot.

I photographed the newlyweds on the ocean coast and in a palm grove. Normally, wedding photography in Jellyfish also includes such locations as terrace, wedding arch, varios places on the beach.

Therefore all work of wedding team is very coped and high-quality. Guests enjoyed romantic landscapes and tasty food. Weddings outside resort is the new direction in the Dominican wedding industry.

Until recently, all weddings took place in resorts because clients were just afraid to trust anybody outside hotel fences for their wedding. Now the situation is changing, more and more clients want to have more personal relation in the organization of the wedding, a big privacy and a more flexible price policy.

One of the leaders of this industry is the Jellyfish restaurant where you can celebrate a dream wedding on Caribbean Islands with your own Punta Cana photographer Lala.