We live in a digital age where we take more pictures in a day than our great-grandmothers did in their entire lives. We can take a picture in
many ways — on a professional or an amateur camera, on a smartphone, or on a tablet — and instantly share this photo with our friends and relatives.
Many people today have ceased to understand the value of physical photos, but fashion is changing…and eternal values remain. Now as a professional photographer,
let me give you a few reasons why it is necessary to print photos and make photo albums.




1. Color

You may have noticed that different gadgets display color differently. The same picture may look warm or cold, contrasted or faded,
depending on the screen of the gadget. Have you ever noticed how the skin in your photos becomes orange, or even red, if you look at your pictures on gadgets from a famous Asian brand?
A professional photographer works with proven printing houses which transmit the correct colors when printing your photos. A photographer deliberately
pays a lot of money for the purchase of particularly color-sensitive and color-accurate photo equipment so that a client can enjoy photos in their full depth and volume. All the details and the richness of your photo’s texture can be best appreciated in a photo that is at least an A4 size.




2. Paper

Paper gives an additional tactile perception to your photos. We add to your vision a channel to your sense of touch, allowing you to enjoy the result more fully. In addition tothe typical Lustre photo paper for making a photo album, you can order your prints on silk, corduroy paper,
metallic, or art paper.

3. Status and taste

Creating a photo album is an opportunity to show your taste, status, and respectability. Presenting the photos of your important event (wedding, travel, graduation, birthday, corporate event, etc.) in a quality photo album gives a completely different perception than photos scrolled through on a smartphone with a smudged screen from strangers’ fingerprints.
A photographer will create an architectural design. He tells the story using page layout, and uses color spots, combinations of images of different sizes, and semantic links between the cards.




4. Life and death

Electronic media lasts –three to five years, or seven at best. Does anyone still remember floppy disks from the late 1990s? Does anyone still know how to use them? A computer might break;
it could be stolen, or it could be infected by a virus. Removable drives may get lost, damp, or burnt. The DVD has almost ceased to be used…
…but how many years does paper last? Well, some high grades of paper last hundreds, or even thousands of years…. Thus, a photo album becomes a family treasure, transmitted by inheritance. It will be considered by those who have not been born yet. Don’t you get goosebumps at this thought? I do. After all, every time I shoot a wedding, I understand that I become a part of someone’s family history and acquire a drop of immortality.




5. Energy

Believe it or not, a physical photo has a completely different, more powerful energy than a digital one. It’s no wonder that psychics read information about people only from physical pictures.

6. Self-expression

t and most proven photo album manufacturers in Europe. You can be sure of their quality and production standards. For example, wood is used for
some albums. The company that produces such albums pays annually for the planting of new seedlings. You can choose
photo albums and boxes for them that are different in design and style, depending on your mood, the design of your apartment, or the style of your photo shoot: wood, leather, faux leather, glass, plastic, velvet, linen, and so on.I create albums both for my shoots and for photo shoots from other photographers. My wedding packages already include photo albums as a gift.
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