Hello, my name is Lala Belyaevskaya. I offer Professional Photo in Brussels and Belgium.

I am professional portrait and creative photographer, now residing in the heart of Europe – Belgium. My broad and versatile experience in photography is now available to everyone in Brussels and across Belgium.

Throughout my career, I’ve honed my skills to capture the uniqueness and beauty of each individual, providing top-tier portrait photography that transcends beyond a mere snapshot, but instead, a timeless piece of art. In Brussels, I’ve established a comfortable and well-equipped photo studio, a safe and creative environment where ideas come to life and memories are immortalized.

Furthermore, I am an accomplished wedding photographer in Brussels, having captured numerous nuptials in this beautiful city. I understand that your wedding is a special milestone in your life. It’s not just an event but a collection of priceless moments filled with emotions, love, and joy.

Every picture has a story to tell, and I am here to help you tell yours. Join me in my Photo Studio in Brussels, or let’s capture your unforgettable wedding moments. I am excited to bring your vision to life through my lens.



        • Business portrait
        • Creative portrait
        • Weddings
        • Corporate photos
        • Family and kids photos
        • Event photos
        • Photo Studio