Business portrait like a high art in Belgium


For those who got tired of typical plain and unmemorable business photos

Corporate and business portrait in Belgium

You need such high class art photo portraits because:

Are you a top manager and you want your business photo to reflect your status, look luxurious, and distinguish you from the others?

Are you an HR or Advertising director and you are faced with the task of making photos of your employees in a corporate style, recognizable and adding status and solidity to your company’s brand?

Are you a freelancer, an individual entrepreneur who wants your business photo to reveal your strengths and emphasize the attractiveness for potential clients and partners?

I offer you unique, highly artistic business portraits that will make your image memorable and will speak about you instead of you. You can use these business portraits for corporate printing, your website, LinkedIn, Facebook etc. Thanks to high-quality photos, you will undoubtedly attract attention of potential employers, partners and clients.

Why you will want to have such a business portrait photo:

  • Even those who have always felt constrained and uncomfortable in front of the camera and have not liked to look at their photos will receive photos with a natural pose and a lively confident look, thanks to using my uniquely designed methods of working with a model.
  • Extra deep retouching will highlight your merits and add an artistic sound to your photo.
  • In my work, I emphasize the individuality and uniqueness of each person. When looking at your photo, your potential customers, subordinates and partners will not only be able to remember your face, but also get an idea of ​​you as an individual.
  • The photos you receive will symbolize your good taste, success and solidity. 

The corporate photo shoot in Belgium venue:

  1. You can come to my photo studio in Charleroi (Belgium).
  2. I can come to you and take photos at your workplace.


From 50 euros

When ordering 10+ portraits 10% discount

When ordering 20+ portraits 20% discount

Contact me:



Lala Photo Studio Belgium

Photo Studio Belgium


Photo Studio Belgium
Photos from Lala Photo Belyaevskaya
FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS: Professional photo studio for rent in Charleroi for photography and filming. Very affordable rates.

FOR CUSTOMERS: Business and portrait photo session from Lala Belyaevskaya.

Contact me:


Equipment including:
3 flashes of studio Godox
2 softboxes
3 Umbrellas
Coloured filters
Retro Chair
3 chairs
baby-born accessories
wreaths etc

Free Parking
Working days and Saturday
– 25€ / hour (minimum 2 h) (choose between 11 h 00 and 20 h 00)




Equipement inclus :
3 flashs de studio Godox
2 softboxes
3 Parapluies
Ventilateur, Filters colore
3 chaises
baby-born accessoires
couronnes de fleurs etc

Parking Gratuit

Jours ouvrables et samedi
– 25€ / heure ( minimum 2h ) (choisissez entre 11H00 et 20H00 )


Rue de Monceau Fontaine 42/1, 6031 Monceau-sur-Sambre

Wedding of Justine & Sébastien

Wedding Bruxelles

Wedding  for Justine and Sébastien in Bruxelles

Getting ready






8 essential books every portrait photographer must read


Whether you’re just beginning out as a photographer, or you’ve been following your art passion for years, there’s never an excuse to finish improve your knowledge. If you’re a photographer, either amateur or professional, and you’d like to learn more or just add some awesome books to your own library, then the following 8 important titles are definitely ones to consider specially if your creative is portrait photo…

Must read books from professional photographer in Belgium Lala Belyaevskaya

1. Rudolf Arnheim. Art and visual perception

must have books for portrait photographer

Since its publication fifty years ago, this work has established itself as a classic. It casts the visual process in psychological terms and describes the creative way one’s eye organizes visual material according to specific psychological premises. In 1974 this book was revised and expanded, and since then it has continued to burnish Rudolf Arnheim’s reputation as a groundbreaking theoretician in the fields of art and psychology.

To Buy –

2. What Makes Great Art: 80 Masterpieces Explained by Andy Pankhurst, Lucinda Hawksley

Why do some artworks stand out head and shoulders above others? Exceptional art somehow satisfies at a deeper level than the rest. What Makes Great Art showcases a selection of 80 outstanding paintings and sculptures from around the world and throughout time, assessing just what it is that makes them so great. Some owe their greatness to composition of colour, others offer profound insights into their human subjects, and some convey their message particularly effectively. Andy Prankhurst’s succinct, appraisive text will open your eyes to the unique defining qualities of these key works, enabling you to appreciate the groundbreaking talents of every age.

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3. Ellen Von Unwerth. Couples

Couples by model-turned-photographer Ellen von Unwerth is what she calls a ”fast” book-loud, fun, splashy. Small-size and thick like a bible, it is a very personal and powerful collection of couples of all kinds

Tu buy


4. Peter Lindbergh – A Different Vision on Fashion Photography

Discover four decades of unique fashion storytelling from Peter Lindbergh. This stunning photographic collection includes more than 400 Lindbergh pictures, many previously unpublished, to showcase his seductive, cinematic aesthetics and the new narrative vision he brought to art and fashion. The images are accompanied by personal tributes from Jean Paul Gaultier, Cindy Crawford, Anna Wintour, and other front-row royalty.

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5. When Art Really Works. Andy Pankhurst

Why do some artworks stand head and shoulders above others? Exceptional art somehow satisfies at a deeper level than the rest. When Art Really Works showcases a selection of eighty outstanding paintings and sculptures from around the world and throughout time, assessing just what it is that makes them so great. Some owe their greatness to composition or colour, others offer profound insights into their human subjects and some convey their message particularly effectively. Andy Pankhurst and Lucinda Hawksley’s succinct, appraisive text will open your eyes to the unique defining qualities of these key works, enabling you to appreciate the groundbreaking talents of every age.

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6. David LaChapelle, Heaven To Hell

LaChapelle’s Heaven to Hell is the third volume in a trilogy which began with LaChapelle Land (1996) followed by the infamous Hotel LaChapelle (1999).  This volume features almost twice as many images and comes packed with astonishing, colour-saturated, provocative images.

The strength of David LaChapelle’s pioneering work lies in his ability to focus the lens of celebrity and fashion on wider, more pressing issues affecting society.

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7. Paolo Roversi: Studio

must have books for photographer

Studio assesses nearly two decades of Paolo Roversi’s hugely influential studio portraiture. Within the confines of his Paris studio, Roversi photographs using an 8 x 10 Polaroid format, often allowing the images to fade before affixing them to their substrate. His long exposures at close range harness an aesthetic that dates back to the earliest days of studio photography, but with a renewed urgency that wavers somewhere between history and apparition. Stripped of the usual accoutrements of studio portraiture, Roversi’s subjects push back with a vulnerable intensity that reveals as much of the photographer as of the model. The images collected here function not only as a series of individual portraits but also as a collective self-portrait of the artist and the place that stands at the center of his work. First published in 2005 in a limited edition, this new edition of Paolo Roversi’s sumptuous and critically acclaimed book presents a distinctive body of work in an accessible trade edition.

Paolo Roversi was born in 1947 in Italy. In 1970 he began collaborating with the Associated Press. His first assignment was to cover Ezra Pound’s funeral in Venice. During the same year, Roversi opened his first portrait studio in Ravenna, photographing local celebrities and their families. In 1971, he met Peter Knapp, the legendary Art Director at Elle magazine, and at Knapp’s invitation, he visited Paris in November of 1973, where he has remained since. His photographs have appeared in numerous publications, including French and Italian Vogue. He lives and works in Paris.

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8. Immediate Family by Sally Mann

Sally Mann

This is a book of remarkable images, intense and intimate, recording the photographer’s children as they explore their woodland home in Virginia. The photographs show the ambiguities and dramas of family life and hauntingly evoke the mysteries of childhood. Sally Mann herself says in the introduction: ‘These are photographs of my children … many of these pictures are intimate, some are fictions and some are fantastic, but most are of ordinary things every mother has seen. I take pictures when they are bloodied or sick or naked or angry. They dress up, they pout and posture, they paint their bodies, they dive like otters in the dark river.’ The result is a book that is ethereal, tender and sometimes disquieting.

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Women’s business portrait

Business Portraits. Women photography, lifestyle and business head shots | See more ideas about Business portrait, Headshot photography and Portraits.

Business Portraits.

Women photography, lifestyle and business head shots  Head shot photography and Portraits in Belgium and Benelux

The White Rabbit — the Migrants Bridge


Why White Rabbit?

Recently my photo exhibition on the theme “The White Rabbit — the Migrants Bridge” has ended (Le Lapin Blanc, le Pont des Migrants). It took place in several cities in Belgium.
Exhibition has this name because each migrant in a new country is a little similar to « Through the Looking-Glass » from the book by Lewis Carrol.  So things surprises him, things frightens him, things looks ridiculous, things are fantastic… Therefore the white rabbit is a guide between two worlds: world of the past and world of the present and future; usual world and world new. So he became a symbol of my exhibition which will grow and develop. Either will be completed regularly with new photos and new modern histories.



1000 faces and 1000 stories

The purpose of my project – to collect 1000 photos. I want to find my models and make shootings and interviews of them. One year later and five years later, i will repeat shootings and interviews of each model to follow their evolution. I want to show how we change as the world around us, what objectives we achieve, and what we change or refuse to change… I want to catch the attention on problems of integration for migrants, on the relevant organisations and also to break down some developed stereotypes.
Heroes of my exhibition are both refugees and spouses of Belgians, or those who moved with family and who came to Belgium to study or work and decided to stay. Some of them live here barely more than a year, other several decades… Different persons, ages, nationalities, destinies, dreams and fears…. The spindle of our destiny spins the thread which we try to interweave into a pattern of the Belgian multinational tapestry.

Mass – media wrote about this project

The first edition of the exhibition was already a great success with many visitors.  Also an outstanding press coverage which has shwoned interest in this initiative and which has put migrants in the foreground.
As a result,  the next exhibitions are planned to be held in the Flemish part of Belgium.

migrant’s problems
migrant’s problems

This project waits new models!

So if you have, in your community or friends, people who want to become a model participant of the project as migrant and to be part of the story, write me: Specify in the subject of the email: “A white rabbit”, and in the email how to contact you.



Belgische Fotograaf


Why do you need professional photo camera?

You have a child and you want to photograph every week his growing, or perhaps, you like to travel and you want to show to your friends beauty of the seen landscapes and the cities, but not muddy pictures with dirty color, and probably you have thought about changes of your profession and you want to become a professional photographer. You can have a set of the reasons – why you have wanted to become the beginning photographer. And here you should ask yourself a first question – what camera have I to buy? You can buy second-hand full frame camera, you can buy the mirror crop photocamera , you can take the same camera which your friend has or to count upon opinion of the seller in a shop or you will read reviews of cameras and to wait when appear a new model which will suit you completely. I will help the beginning photographer to narrow search options to several cameras.


What has to have your camera

The first what you have to pay attention is presence of manual settings at the camera. Also the camera has to have an opportunity to photograph with effect of blur of a background or bokeh. The main object in a picture have to be separated from a background and the picture will looks more interesting. You need the camera which has the big size of a matrix. Mirror cameras have big matrixes. Therefore traditionally users demat that only the SLR camera gives the qualitative image. But the mirror in the camera is necessary only for operation of the optical view-finder.
Therefore my list of cameras for the beginning photographer is added with compact cameras with interchangeable lens.

Belgium photographer
Belgium photographer

The lens gives 50% of quality in the photo. You can install on the camera any lens depending on the needs. Different lenses will be necessary for you for portraits, for landscapes, for shooting of objects from a long distance (for example, wild animals and birds). For the first lens I can recommend Canon 50 mm 1.8 is the fixed lens, with has reasonable price and very beautiful drawing, it has the small size and is convenient for travel.
Now I suggest to return to the choice of the camera.


All photo cameras known like professional, semi-professional and amateur. If you have the big budget on purchase of the camera, I advise you not to hurry to buy the professional camera. Management of professional camera and the amateur camera can be compared to management of the Boeing plane and the city car. It is so difficult in development. The main lack of expensive professional cameras is that they can be operated only is the photographer has skills. I know many amateurs who complain of quality of pictures which are done by their expensive professional cameras. When I ask them how they work with the camera, it becomes clear that the toggle-switch always is in position “automatic shooting” because the beginner just doesn’t know what to do with such difficult unit.
The control of the professional camera is intended for the skilled photographer. The professional camera has a set of deep settings, levers, buttons, selectors. And the photographer has to know in what situation to what menu item or what button to address to receive the best image.
Mirror cameras for amateurs are an analog usual the city cars. They have no difficulties in management and give high quality of pictures. The amateur and semi-professional camera can have an identical matrix.
I have chosen several cameras for the beginner photographers by resonable price.




wedding in Belgium
ptofessioal wedding photographer in Belgium

Wedding in Dominican RepublicOften photographers want to shoot only a posing photo, another day than on the D-day of the wedding, in the beautiful place and with photogenic newlyweds. But then I hurry to disappoint them – they can’t be called ‘wedding photographer’. Work of the wedding photographer means work in different conditions and in different genres – it is also work with big groups, details shooting during the “getting ready” and the banquet, and, boring but obligatory, shooting of the guests saying speeches. There is no such concept as – “I don’t want to shoot it, it is uninteresting (platitude, bad light, boring, not artistic etc)”. All stages of a wedding have to be photographed, all newlyweds have paid money for capturing all by the pictures. There are decors and cake, and the interior of the banquet room, and an animation team, and wedding accessories. The wedding photographer has to hold eyes and ears opened all the time, and to manage to shoot not only emotion and guests, but also surroundings of the wedding. If the wedding photographer shoots only what he (or she)wants, then he automatically ceases to be called a “wedding photographer”. Why does the work of the wedding photographer costs such money? Because first, for the good work at a wedding it is necessary to have a lot of photographic equipment and, it is preferable, an assistant. The photographer has to be able to work also in every situations with, every minute, changing light during getting ready (bright light and mirrors in a bathroom, a dark hall, a sunlight from a window, light of lassies near a table etc), dark church and light show situation during the banquet etc. Also a wedding photographer, besides the pose photo, has to know how to shoot candid photos, manage big group photos, photos with children, landscape photo etc. And also it is necessary to understand what will make an impression and will show the mood of the wedding – the list of shots is for this purpose provided below. It isn’t necessary to compose one’s lips and to say that it kills creativity. For creativity it is full of scope during the couple photo session. The rest is the work which has to be executed. Also believe me, even in these obligatory pictures there is place for improvisation if it is approached creatively.

“Must have” for wedding photographing:

Wedding in Dominican Republic
Wedding in Belgium


1. Shots with preparations – the bride and the groom
2. A wedding gown – on a hanger, on a chandelier etc. Rings close up, a bouquet, footwear close up, vows on the sheet of paper
3. The bride looks out of a window – looks in a window
4. The bride check her make-up or the hairstyle by herself or with the help of a makeup artist
5. The bride looks out from window / a doorway
6. The maid of honor and the bride’s mother – button a dress – the general view and close up view – only hands of mother and a lacing (zip) on a dress
7. Put on a garter to the bride, put on shoes to the bride, or a bracelet, a necklace, a veil. The bride puts on ear rings (close up photo)
8. The bride looks out of the window – full size from the back and then the photographer shoots close up photos– the bride’s portrait when she is completely ready, dressed
9. A group photo of each of the bridesmaids, mother and the grandmother separately and then all together.
9. The groom with the father and the best man – attach a boutonniere
10. The groom looks at the watch
11. The groom with friends and their fathers – group photo with all male team

12. The bestman or the father of the groom helps the groom to put on a jacket (option – to tie a tie)
13. A group photo with everyone: groomsmen, relatives, separately and then together
14. The groom is near a window, looks out of the window, looks in the camera, a short portrait photoshoot

Wedding in Dominican Republic
Wedding in Belgium


15. Shooting of elements of the decor of the wedding zone (if the wedding is not in the REGISTRY OFFICE)
16. The bride and the groom – leave the car
17. The groom waits at an altar
18. A wide shot in church or the REGISTRY OFFICE (with guests and without)
19. The bride goes on pass (a look to a profile and in front)
20. The father leads the bride
21. Bride and groom together, focus on groom’s face, focus on bride’s face
22. The groom and the bride hold their hands
23. The bride and the groom kiss
24. Newlyweds leave church or the REGISTRY OFFICE
24. Everybody leave the place of the ceremony, all bridesmaids and the groomsmen, and also parents
25. The bride and the groom sit down in a limousine – a shot in a limousine



26. A group photo with all guests. A photo with the groom’s family. A photo with the bride’s family.
27. Shooting of catering – food, drinks, laying, a decor, the hall without guests (if there is such opportunity)

Wedding in Dominican Republic
Wedding in Belgium


28. Pictures with each table full of guests
29. A picture of newlyweds with the family and without
30. Portraits of the bride and groom
31. Newly married with the best man and the bridesmaid
32. Hands of newlyweds with rings close up
33. First dance
34. Dance of the bride with her father
35. The groom dances with his mother
36. Toss a bouquet (from the bride’s side and from girls’s side)
37. Toss a garter (from the groom’s side and from men’s side)
38. Cake’s close up photo. Topping of cake. Cutting of cake – the bride and the groom feed each other, then kiss

Wedding in Dominican Republic
Wedding in Belgium

39. The dancing guests
40. The groom and the Bride open buffet (when laying like “open buffet”)
41. Speeches of guests
42. Speech/toast of the bride and groom
43. Guests stand near bar and take drinks – shooting of the bartender
44. The guest book with signatures
45. Newlyweds dance with little children
46. Dances of parents of the bride and groom (plus grandmothers and grandfathers)
47. Photos with desserts (coffee, ice cream, cake, etc.)
48. The bride and the groom carry wedding cake, souvenirs
49. The invited actors
50. The bride and the groom in the car with the inscription Just Married.
Before choosing a wedding photographer for your special day, the groom and the bride have to ask to show a sample of full wedding: getting ready, wedding ceremony, group photos, bridesmaids and groomsmen photos, photo session of couple, reception. It is impossible to be guided for the choice of the wedding photographer according to 2 – 3 photos from photo walk or several portraits of the bride. I personally wish you amazing wedding day!

Photo Session love story for Irina & Bert with dogs in Belgium

Session photo Bruxelles Photographe Bruxelles

Irina and Bert called us as love story photographer in Belgium to immortalise their love story in romantic forrest. He wanted to make their session photo in the Wood of Hallerbos in exceptional Belgium (Brussels) by including into it splendid animals and we have them offer 2 World champions of their category, Caesar and Gaby, Mastiff of the Tibet optimising all beauty and originality of their session photo in Belgium. These dogs are available for any session photo in Belgium!

Event’s photosession. American club in Brussel-Bruxelles (Belgium)


American club in Brussel-Bruxelles (Belgium)

Vos soirées privées ou professionnelles, événements VIP, anniversaires, corporate events, journée du personnel et tout types d’événements que vous souhaitez immortaliser de manière unique, vous obtiendrez grâce à mes méthodes personnelles des photos de hautes qualités professionnelles mêlant émotions spontanées et prises de vues classiques et originales, le tout en toute discrétion et respect de vos invités. Que ce soit à bruxelles ou partout en Belgique, vous aurez les photos que vous attendez !



There is the best sommelier in Belgium. Vicky Corbeels



Here is the team of Patrick’s Ménache cookers for this high quality event



Immortalized spontaneous moments with great people…















Real pleasant meeting with Dominican Republic Representative in Belgium



Time for the speeches !





How to put your catering in value…



The must, groups photo’s…






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