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Children photo session – Gabrielle

It was a surprising day. I photographed a girl who has the personality of a mischievous angel and deep blue eyes. She is seven...

Children Photosession of Vanina & Gabrielle (Belgium)

The idea of ​​Children Photosession came to me spontaneously. I saw two friends - the brown- eyed green and brown - and the blonde...
Photographe professionnel Namur

Belgium Photo Session “Love Story” of Julian & Katty, in Namur (Belgium)

Julian & Katty are an amazing loving couple, glamour and openminded. They wanted to immortalise their love and story by Belgium Professional Photographer (Namur)...
Session photo Bruxelles Photographe Bruxelles

Belgium Photo Session love story for Irina & Bert with dogs (Belgique)

Irina and Bert called us as love story photographer in Belgium to immortalise their love story in romantic forrest. He wanted to make their...
Session photographe professionnel Belgique

Love story Belgium Photo Session for Helen and Wim (Belgium)

There is Belgium photo session love story for Helen and Wim. They wanted to call a Belgium Professional Photographer to mortaliser their love story...
Belgium Photographer

Carnival photosession “Jardins d’Annevoies” in Belgium

Photo of Carnival in the Gardens of Annevoies the May 1st in Belgium. The weather was cloudy but the atmosphere was exceptional with the...


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Portrait photo session in Dominican Republic

PACKAGE PORTRAIT BELGIUM & EUROPE (individuel, pregnant, nude, lovestory)

That you wish a session individual portrait for you or your child, photos pregnant woman, of bare or of your couple love story, you...